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Handling Personal Information

Handling personal information

Yuji Tadano

Chief Privacy Officer

Q&A Corporation

  1. Purpose of using personal information

    The Company will only use personal information insofar as is necessary to undertake the operations and fulfil the purposes outlined below.

    1. Operations
      1. Operations relating to on-site support services
      2. Operations relating to support center services
      3. Operations relating to marketing support services
    2. Purposes
      1. To enable the Company to provide support services (on-site, telephone, email, etc.)
      2. To enable the Company to conduct questionnaires with the aim of improving services or providing new services
      3. To provide information with the aim of improving customer service
      4. To ensure that outsourced operations are performed appropriately and effectively in the event that all or part of the processing of personal information relating to on-site support, support center or other services is outsourced by another operator.
      5. For the purposes of recruiting Company personnel
      6. For the purposes of managing Company employees
  2. Procedure for disclosure, alterations, etc.

    Individuals may file requests asking the Company to disclose personal information subject to disclosure, notify them of the purposes for which their information is being used, alter their personal information (e.g. if the information subject to disclosure is factually inaccurate), stop using their information or suspend the provision of their personal information to third parties ("disclosure and other such actions"). Please consult the department indicated below for details of specific procedure for disclosure and other such actions.
    Please be aware that any fees or costs specified by the Company in relation to requests for the disclosure of personal information or notification of the purposes for which it is used shall be borne by the individual concerned.

  3. Inquiries or complaints regarding the handling of personal information

    Please direct all inquiries or complaints regarding the Company's handling of personal information to the department indicated below.

    Inquiries regarding the handling of personal information
    Personal Information Desk
    Q&A Corporation
    TEL:+81-3-4332-1596 (main switchboard) (open the weekdays 10:00 - 17:00)

The Company belongs to the following organization, which has been approved as an Authorized Personal Information Protection Organization in accordance with the law. The organization in question also accepts complaints and inquiries relating to the handling of personal information by the Company.

Name of Authorized Personal Information Protection Organization and contact details
Japan Information Processing Development Corporation
(General Affairs Department, General Affairs Division)
TEL:+81-3-4332-1590 (main switchboard)

* "Personal information subject to disclosure" refers to personal information consisting of multiple items of systematically assembled information in relation to which the Company is authorized to respond to requests from the person concerned regarding disclosure, alterations, additions, deletions, suspension of usage, removal or suspension of provision to third parties.