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Security Management System

Thanks to the introduction of a mobile system, we continue to enhance security with protocols that prevent on-site support staff from accessing personal data and with the establishment of paperless operations.

* Our security management system uses Quantum Network Inc's Virtual Agent System (VAS).

Virtual Agent System (VAS)

Advantages of our mobile system

No record of telephone numbers
The phone numbers of the end user and the member of on-site support staff are never displayed to or saved by the other party (the system puts calls through a central server, meaning that neither party's phone number is displayed and no call history is stored on either party's mobile phone).
Eliminating printouts
We use a system whereby personal information (addresses, phone numbers, etc.) is only displayed on mobile phone screens and cannot be printed. The only customer information that on-site support staff have when they go out on call is that displayed on their mobile phone.
Time-restricted access to personal data
All contact between on-site support staff and head office, including reports, is handled via mobile phone. We operate a system whereby, once they have completed a job, on-site support staff are no longer able to access the relevant customer information.
Preventing information leaks after completion of jobs (paperless operations)
The Job Completion Form signed by the end user at the completion of each job by the on-site support staff is completed online via mobile phone, thereby ensuring that the process is entirely paperless. This also prevents information leaks as a result of the loss of documents or other contingencies.